amfori Supports Sustainability in the Belt and Road Initiative


The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) was launched by the President of China, Mr Xi Jinping in 2013, and it is a major infrastructure development program that can benefit amfori’s members who are active in the trade and import sectors. By connecting Asia, Europe and Africa, amfori Members are also presented with numerous opportunities for sustainable economic growth in our most important sourcing and retail markets.


Despite high interest globally in the BRI, concerns have been raised regarding the drafting and implementation of the initiative. To address these issues as well as to ensure that the BRI fulfils its potential, we present a number of recommendations in a new position paper:

  1. Improve communications and transparency.
  2. Keep sustainability at the core of all actions.
  3. Conclude ambitious trade agreements along the BRI.
  4. Create platform for permanent consultations.


Download the full position paper.


In April 2019, the Chinese government announced a number of measures to improve the sustainability and transparency of the BRI, which amfori fully welcomes as a crucial step in ensuring that the BRI brings about the highest possible benefits for all. In order to build on this momentum, amfori urges the decision makers to take into consideration the above issues as well.

Partnerships for Success

To promote sustainability in the BRI, amfori has already joined several initiatives and organisations, such as the Belt & Road Industrial and Commercial Alliance (BRICA). Going forward, we stand ready to provide our experience and technical expertise on the issues through our membership in these platforms.

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