amfori Sustainability Platform – Training Materials Available



The amfori Sustainability Platform is now live, available at

Training materials are available on the amfori Academy for amfori members and business partners. There are training guides, FAQs, videos and webinar recordings for all users.

Access the amfori Academy:

For users of the (old) amfori BSCI Platform

For users of the (new) amfori Sustainability Platform

We have also provided a helpful guide to explain which training material is suitable for you, depending on your role.


This content is available now and is updated regularly as new features are launched.

You can access the material on the amfori Academy by going to amfori Tools / amfori Sustainability Platform training.

If you have already migrated to the new platform, you can access this training on the new amfori Academy by going to the Platform Training tab.

We regularly run live training webinars in all our main languages and our network representatives are also happy to support you with your training needs. Check out the upcoming training here.

As a member, you can also download training material for producers/business partners that you can share with your network. This is available under the title: Training Guides – Business Partners.

The amfori website also contains some material that you can use. For example, this page provides some simple one-page instructions in several languages that you can share with your business partners.

We are continuously updating the training materials to make it more useful and fit for purpose. Do feel free to get in touch if you have more training needs.

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