amfori takes indispensable measures to ensure a sustainable future of trade with purpose



The tremendous economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent recession are being felt by organisations worldwide; our members and amfori included. It is important for all of us to be adaptive, recognise realities and take action when circumstances require.

To ensure amfori is in good health to pursue our critical mission of Trade with Purpose, we had to adopt a Resilience Action Plan. 

Same service-level but a more focused long-term strategy

Our operational activities linked to amfori Advocacy, amfori BSCI and amfori BEPI will continue as usual. However, we had to make some adjustments to our three year strategy. This strategy  is rooted on five pillars. Using these pillars as a compass, we had outlined specific projects that will make them a reality - our seven strategic priorities.

We have taken the difficult decision to pause or rescope four of these seven strategic/long-term priorities:

  • improving performance across entire supply chains: we will continue our work on transparency and impact assessment, rescope responsible purchasing practices and pause the SDG project
  • launching an agriculture and food programme: we will continue our work to support sustainability in the food industries but pause the revamp of our sustainable wine programme 2.0
  • providing a tailored offering for members: we will pause the audience-centric communication project
  • setting up a Global Grievance Mechanism: we started this important project earlier this year and we plan to rescope it and continue working on limited critical elements linked to the Responsible Purchasing Practices project

We are pleased to say that we will be continuing with the following three strategic priorities as planned:

  • launching a collaborative platform that provides our members with better analytics
  • engaging with key stakeholders on climate change
  • continuing to bring the industry voice to the human rights due diligence approach

Of our key 2020 projects, we are only pausing the homeworkers project and continuing with the following projects as planned:

  • Integrated Sustainability Platform
  • Audit Integrity programme
  • Timber Due Diligence programme
  • Q-In Initiative (technical quality audit qualification)
  • Gender Equality

We intend to resume the paused projects by end 2020/early 2021 and add others when the time is right.

Reduced resources 

We had to reduce the budget allocated to our priorities detailed above, while making sure that we keep the service-level to our members high.

As a last resort, it is with deep regret that we had to make the difficult decision to let go several of our amfori teammates. For an organisation like us, whose mission is focused on social performance, it is very difficult and of course even harder for those who had to leave.

The COVID-19 crisis forced us to re-assess our approach and it also made clear what is truly important for us as individuals and the world as a whole. We are thankful for everyone at amfori, staff and members, for your continuous support. More than ever, we remain committed to Trade with Purpose.  

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