amfori Welcomes 2018 Accord Continuation


As of 1 June, the ‘2018 Accord’, also called ‘Transition Accord’, will replace the current Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety, set up following the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory building in Dhaka in 2013. The new arrangement will run for three years until 31 May 2021, unless a joint monitoring committee agrees that the conditions for a handover to a national regulatory body are met before.

The measures taken over the past five years have positively helped Bangladesh to make significant progress in fire and building safety. So far, 1,600 factories are being monitored under the Bangladesh Accord. While around 83% of the workplace dangers originally identified have been remediated, over 600 factories completed 90% of their remediations.

Yet, additional efforts are still needed. For this reason, amfori welcomes the decision to prolong the programme to ensure the continuation of the work and progress made so far, and to allow enough time for a smooth transition. While 45% of the current Accord signatories are amfori members, the proportion has so far risen to 53% for the 2018 Accord.

At the same time, we await clarification on a number of areas, such as the financial responsibilities and liabilities, the financial obligations towards paying workers in case of factory closure or to support factories in paying remediation measures.

amfori will continue the dialogue with Bangladeshi authorities on these issues, which remain high in our agenda and will be addressed during the roundtable event that will be held in April in Dhaka.

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