amfori’s Updated COVID-19 Audit Guidance



amfori has produced high-level member guidance on how amfori BSCI audits can be used to monitor the impact of COVID-19 in our members’ supply chains.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected working conditions in offices and factories all over the world. Our members and their suppliers are no different and throughout 2020 amfori has been closely monitoring local developments and working with our local network and partners to ensure up to date guidance is available for approved amfori BSCI auditors.

As part of this approach, we began including #COVID in amfori BSCI audits next to any finding entirely generated by COVID-19. This was to make it easier to see which effects had been produced by the COVID-19 pandemic. With our local network representatives and experts, amfori has monitored these findings and provided guidance to our auditing companies which has been verified during our global calibration meetings.

To assist our members in understanding amfori BSCI audits in the context of COVID-19, the attached document has been produced and shows, for each question, how producers may manage or respond to COVID-19. We have also included a link to the relevant training in the amfori Academy, should any producer require assistance to improve their performance.

This document should not be considered a check list for understanding audit results. It is designed to guide our members through findings that are related to COVID-19 and its effects and should be read in conjunction with an amfori BSCI audit.

Every finding on an audit must be fully justified by the auditor, supported by evidence and considered in the context of local laws and culture. In the event that any member wishes clarification on any finding, in the first instance please reach out to the approved amfori BSCI auditing company who completed the audit.

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