Anti-dumping Duties on Aluminium Road Wheel Extended for Five Years


Following a request by the Association of European Wheels Manufacturers, the EU Commission has conducted a 15-month investigation to determine whether the anti-dumping duties of 22.30% imposed on aluminium road wheels (TARIC codes 8708 70 10 10 and 8708 70 50 10) imported from China should continue for a further five years.  

The investigation concluded that:
•    Although volumes had decreased, remaining exports were still at dumped prices. 
•    There was a spare capacity of at least 42 million units - representing 60% of EU consumption – and that the EU market remained attractive. If the duties were allowed to lapse, the product would enter the EU market at increased volumes and at dumped prices. 
•    Although it was decided that the EU industry had not suffered material injury as a result of the current imports of the product from China (under the regime of the anti-dumping duties), it would be materially injured if the duties were allowed to expire.

Lastly, there were no indications that a continuation of the duties would have a significantly negative impact on EU importers or users.

It therefore concluded that the duties will remain in place until 25 January 2022.

Contact: Stuart Newman, Senior Legal Advisor

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