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In order to fulfil the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), UN Secretary General António Guterres has declared the next ten years the Decade of Action. With the 75th  Anniversary of the founding of the United Nations and SDGs entering their fifth year, 2020 and the ten years that will follow it mark a major milestone for the international organisation and its global aims.

To deliver the United Nation’s ambitious agenda, amfori has developed a range of tools to guide their strategy and subsequent implementation of the UN SDGs. Do you have an SDG Story?  We also would like to hear from you on how you are implementing the SDGs.

In order to implement this Decade of Action, actions should be driven by a combination of Global action, Local action and People action. amfori’s members business’ have a role to play across each of these three tiers of action. In the words of the UN Secretary General: “We need all hands on deck”. 

The range of tools that amfori has developed to date are focussed on helping our members understand the scope of the SDGs, and furthermore preparing a plan to become SDG-ready. These are discussed briefly below.

On January 16th we hosted two webinars to explain the two documents, and how to use them. We also invited amfori colleagues to provide insights into how certain countries approach the SDGs.

The morning webinar covered India and Turkey, the afternoon webinar discussed France and Turkey.

Access the webinar here


We would love to hear from you!

Collaboration is key to advance the Global Development Agenda 2030. Business are at different stages in their sustainable development story. Some are struggling to find the time or resources., some are struggling with challenges on the way, others are making progress. Sharing your SDG story, challenge or passion will help -

  • Share your success story to help others in their SDG work
  • Share your challenge and start finding solutions in and with the amfori member community
  • Inspire others by sharing what your favourite SDG is and why

We have opened a dedicated email address to gather your stories. Together, amfori members can scale for impact.