Audit Integrity: One Year Later


amfori works towards ensuring a high level of quality of auditing services through engagement with its approved pool of auditing companies, which we refer to as our amfori monitoring partners.

We have recently published a document outlining all relevant processes and procedures in the core pillars of the following:

  • comprehensive monitoring partner acceptance criteria
  • rigorous auditor qualification and training scheme
  • pioneering audit quality programme


Download the full publication


What amfori offers

At amfori, we have a full risk- based quality programme developed to evaluate monitoring partner from head office level (Office system review) down to field activities (Witness audit). Third party quality assurance is used to implement objectively and independently the programme.

In addition, we are supporting our monitoring partners through activities such as local and global calibration meetings, task forces, and internal investigations.

Lastly, we have a comprehensive acceptance process for both our monitoring partners and auditors.

One-year milestones

After one year of establishing the Audit Integrity Programme, amfori has made much progress in the auditing field.

So far we have accepted two new monitoring partners based on this new process. Also, as a direct result of the quality activities, we have put in place several sanctions including suspensions and warning letters.

The main accomplishments of this past year (2018-2019) include:

  • 137 quality activities
  • 100% of audit report analysed with new tests
  • fully implemented audit reliability score

Common gaps 

Across all activities in 2018, the most common gaps in the management of monitoring partners were related to: 

  • Risk Assessment for amfori BSCI operations 
  • Human Capital Management and Outsourcing (i.e. recruitment and management of auditors) 
  • Escalation and Cascading Channels (i.e. how information is shared from the Scheme Manager to other departments and auditors, then from auditors back to the Scheme Manager) 

Next steps

2019 activities will build on last year’s outcome concerning common gaps and focus on the improvement with amfori monitoring partners. In addition, the latest model of the audit reliability score has been up and running for one year with good results in terms of accuracy.

It will be supported by the continuous development of new data tests in order to better identify risks in members’ supply chains.

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