Auditing in the Time of COVID-19



The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has had a global impact on all production levels. In turn, this may lead to changes in workflow and working conditions in amfori members’ supply chains. amfori is working with amfori-approved auditing companies to closely monitor the situation in supply chains and identify any conditions that have arisen as a direct consequence of COVID-19.

amfori has issued immediate guidance to auditors to pay particular attention to the following areas when conducting an amfori BSCI audit:

  • sampling of vulnerable workers in the facility such as female workers, migrant workers, pregnant workers, young workers, etc
  • changes in the workforce and processes since the beginning of the pandemic such as: 
    • disaster management processes
    • risk assessments
    • tracking of workers’ health conditions etc
  • verification of the working hours and fair remuneration
  • evaluating every aspect of the audit with a gender lens
  • the producer’s implementation of country specific, national guidelines regarding COVID-19, especially for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), without prejudice to amfori BSCI Code of Conduct

If upon arrival, an amfori BSCI auditor detects flagrant evidence of the facility not respecting the national guidelines regarding:

  • OHS
  • social distancing 
  • use of masks 
  • hygienic conditions, etc

amfori is encouraging the amfori BSCI auditor to raise a Zero Tolerance alert, including a stop of the audit. 


#COVID19 Introduced

Further to the general guidance being issued, amfori has introduced a #COVID19 tag into audits for any finding the auditor believes is a direct result of the COVID-19 virus.

amfori Members may see the hashtag either in the appropriate findings box, executive summary or in the confidential comments if the auditor believes the information is sensitive. amfori will monitor the #COVID19 tag through ongoing data analytics and use the results to define needs for further guidance.


To help amfori Members plan their amfori BSCI audits, amfori provides regularly updated guidance on auditing company availability.