Awarding Thai Local Leaders for Due Diligence


amfori is actively involved in Thai food and seafood industry by promoting responsible recruitment of migrant workers.

Building on this work, a joint project with the Thai Ministry of Commerce represents a new stage in promoting better working conditions in Thailand and builds on amfori’s long-lasting engagement with the Thai business community and international organisations such as the International Labour Organization and International Organization for Migration.

This project aims to develop local Thai business enterprises as leaders, in that they inspire other companies to move towards more responsible recruitment practices and business relations.

We would like to acknowledge the efforts of Thai companies that we have worked closely with for their engagement; ability to put theory into practice; and their capacity to react to possible shortcomings and quickly remediate.

Three companies received an award at the Unleash Opportunity conference this year for their outstanding performance:

  • Rayong Fish Sauce Industry Co, Ltd, with migrant workers from Cambodia and Myanmar, has already made great progress to increase transparency in the recruitment process and avoid unfair fees or retention to workers.
  • PK Silver Group Co, Ltd., producing silver accessories, used this project to be better prepared for a possibility of recruiting migrant workers for skilled work due to potential shortage of workforce in the next 4-5 years.
  • Seafresh Industry PCL with over 50% of migrant workers in the workforce and a majority from Myanmar, the company started to hire migrant workers three years ago by using two authorised Thai recruiting agencies and two Myanmar agencies respectively.

amfori would like to congratulate these companies for their engagement and demonstrated willingness to broaden their expertise in sustainable business practices and implement changes to align hiring process with responsible recruitment principles.

These companies will receive amfori BSCI audits free of charge and will be able to review their progress on the amfori BSCI platform.

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