#BeatAirPollution: China Hosts 2019 World Environment Day


China is hosting the 2019 World Environment Day on the 5 June, which demonstrates the priority that the Government is putting on environmental issues. The theme of this year is Air Pollution, following last year’s focus on ‘beating plastic pollution.

Additionally, the Ministry of Ecological and Environment is launching the 2nd round of central environmental inspection campaign this year. This time, inspections will happen across all 31 provinces and cities, by using more technology than last round, such as big data, drones, and infrared recognition. The main focuses identified are air pollution, centralised drinking water sources, serious violations of solid waste and hazardous waste.

The 2nd round will last for four years, doubling the time of the first one and showing the country’s stronger commitment to environment protection.

This follows a first round of enforcement of the Environmental Protection Law, in 2016-2017, resulting in 18,000 factories fined and/or temporarily or permanently closed, which in turn affected companies’ business operations around the world.

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