BEPI Brings Training Support to Bangladesh


To accommodate to BEPI’s growing network of over 200 active producers in Bangladesh, we are expanding our training opportunities to the country. This follows our increased on the ground support with our new office in Bangladesh, allowing FTA to provide further services in the operational fields of monitoring and capacity building.

After the successful launch of the BEPI Producer workshops in China earlier this year, we are now rolling out the first session in Dhaka on 5 November. This first session will cover ‘Getting started with BEPI’ and an introduction to environmental management systems (EMS).

The workshop is targeted towards BEPI producers, specifically those responsible for implementing an EMS in the factory. They can expect to learn from case studies and practical examples on how they can benefit from participating in BEPI and managing their environmental impacts on site. 

Topics covered include:

•    Why is environmental management important for your business;
•    What is BEPI and how can your participation help you to reduce cost, energy use and environmental risk;
•    How to communicate with your customers throughout your participation in BEPI;
•    How to get started with BEPI and complete and use the self-assessment;
•    Why do you need an EMS; 
•    What is the implementation process of an EMS, including an overview of ISO 14001 (2015) system; and
•    How to identify and assess environmental elements.

Invite your producers to register on the FTA Academy. Five additional slots will also be available for BEPI participants. If you are also interested in attending the workshop, reserve your spot now!

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