BEPI: Building Mature and Resilient Supply Chains


Businesses are and will continue to be called upon to address environmental issues, not only in their direct operations but also in their supply chains, with transparency and due diligence being key.

FTA has recently released a new corporate brochure for its sustainability initiative, the Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI), which provides a practical system to companies to make progressive improvements in the environmental performance of their producers.

This brochure offers detailed information on BEPI’s benefits, membership services, and the step-by-step approach with which participants and producers together can build mature and resilient supply chains.

BEPI works across all sectors, countries, and tiers of the supply chain.  It covers 11 environmental performance areas and helps businesses prioritise the key areas of improvement,  allowing focused efforts and increasing the impact of improvement activities.

‘’Coop Genossenschaft supports BEPI as a cross-sectoral approach through which producers worldwide can improve their environmental performance. We have been involved since its inception, and continue to use BEPI in our supply chain to understand environmental risk, and provide those producers who need it with access to training and bespoke support,’’ said Anna Vetsch, Project Manager, Sustainability at Coop and Chair of the BEPI Task Force.

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