BEPI Launches Training for Producers


In late August, BEPI held its first workshop for producers in Shanghai, focused on how to get started with BEPI and training on Environmental Management Systems, the basis for good environmental performance at factory level.

More than 30 attendees from a variety of sectors, including textile and apparel, leather, home decorations, stationary and toys, shared their experience through presentations and group exercises, building on their understanding of BEPI and demonstrating their eagerness to learn more about the initiative.

Participants stressed the consensus that the environmental impact is an increasing concern, not only for their clients, but for them as customers as well. ‘’We should no longer be passive about environmental performance. We need to think beyond and act proactively, there will definitely be more business opportunities and more recognition and support from the government, with good performance,’’ said a workshop attendee.

This particular workshop is designed to support producers get the most out of their participation in BEPI, with a strong focus on the benefits they can achieve. The trainers focus on practical advice, providing some key takeaways for attendees to get started with when they are back at work.  

The workshop is part of a series of trainings launched earlier this year and delivered in collaboration with expert trainers from the Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) centres of the Nanjing and Sun Yet Sen Universities in China. 

Check our upcoming BEPI workshops in China, available for registration on the FTA Academy.

Contact: Stephanie Raymond, Senior Environmental Coordinator 

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