BEPI Supports Members Following Increased Enforcement of Environmental Law in China


Over the past few years, the Chinese Government has tightened the Environmental Protection Law (EPL), with the first indications of increased enforcement actions in 2016. This year, a rising number environmental audits and inspections started taking place across China, resulting in the closure of many factories, thus leaving their customers uncertain about their current and planned orders.

FTA is supporting members in bringing clarity to the current situation and providing recommendations:

  • FTA member webinar ‘Closure of Chinese Factories Following Tightened Environmental Law – Why and What’s Next? held on 11 October: this one-hour webinar featured local expert Shell Wang, Executive Director of Environment, Health and Safety Center of Nanjing University; Joyce Chau, FTA Representative Greater China; and Anouschka Jansen, FTA Senior Manager Environmental Programmes. The webinar provided background information on the Chinese environmental law, on-the-ground insight into the situation, advice on where to find  useful governmental resources, and practical tips for factories and companies sourcing from China.

  • Guidance document ‘From Risk to Opportunity: Environmental Protection Law Enforcement in China’: this document supports companies by providing details on the background and future of environmental protection in China and insights into the issue at hand. It also provides guidance for participants and producers to reduce future risks.

    Not a member yet and interested in receiving similar support? To find out more, please consult our official BEPI webpage.

    Contact: Anouschka Jansen, Senior Manager – Environmental Programmes

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