BEPI Supports UN World Water Day


On 22 March, the Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI) joins the United Nations to support the celebration of the World Water Day. This date was first set up in the calendar in 1993 to raise awareness on the many existing challenges related to water, an essential element to improve the livelihoods of millions of people in the planet and achieve global sustainability.
Coinciding with this year’s theme of ‘Water and Sustainable Development’, the UN World Water Assessment Programme has published a report calling for better management of water resources, a principle that is at the core of BEPI’s activities. BEPI system is designed to help producers in sourcing countries identify and address key environmental risk factors through the assessment of a comprehensive range of environmental areas, including water use. Case studies from the pilot phase conducted in Vietnam in 2014 demonstrated that water savings are indeed possible and linked to reduced costs and better efficiency.
“Through BEPI self-assessment and improvement phases, I can see big shifts in our attitude towards water management. Now we have acquired the habit of efficiency analysis thanks to BEPI training”, stated Said Trinh Mai, System Manager at Continent Packaging. 5% of total water savings are forecast for this producer, due to improvements highlighted during the BEPI assessment phase, leading to 1,300 USD/year of savings and a reduction in the use of water in industrial processes.
By addressing the needs of the different actors in the supply chain and supporting them through the organisation of capacity building activities like workshops and trainings, BEPI contributes to progressively reduce environmental impacts and help develop cleaner and more efficient production to achieve more sustainable supply chains. 
You can read here the latest BEPI Newsletter, which includes a focus article on Managing Water Scarcity: Turning Risk into Opportunity.

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