Best practices for managing ethical problems


BSCI is aware of the risk of corruption and/or bribery in any auditing system. In this respect, the BSCI/SAAS requirements are referring to the only rules which are applicable; the ISO 17021, that cover the issues of impartiality and conflict of interest. Together with SAAS, we wish to go further with regard to policies on bribery and corruption. SAAS is currently conducting an inventory of best practices among the accredited CBs, to understand what they are already implementing for integrity and anti-bribery methodologies. The goal is to potentially increase our accreditation requirements to include such practices. We invite all CBs to share with us experiences and techniques in the area of management of ethical conflicts, to help us strength the trust in the system and spread those good practices to other auditing companies. At the end, it is in everybody’s interest that credibility on the auditing systems is maintained as we are all in the business of selling ‘’credibility and reputation’’. Please see an example of best practice received from one of our CBs, Intertek:

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