BSCI and ILO Address the Working Conditions in Thai Fisheries and Food Processing Industry


On the 28 February, the BSCI and the International Labour Organization (ILO) held a meeting in Brussels to discuss the labour conditions in the Thai Fisheries and Food Processing Industry. The event brought together representatives from BSCI, ILO, the Thai Government and the business sector, as well as other external stakeholders. Participants shared information on the current conditions of the large Migrant workforce in the sector and discussed the initiatives developed to improve the situation in the country, such as those implemented by the Thai government and ILO’s Good Labour Practice (GLP) programme. The role buyers can play in the process was also stressed during the debate, along with the need to further coordinate potential synergies, namely between GLP and BSCI’s work. This successful meeting gives continuity to the previous discussions conducted by BSCI with relevant stakeholders in Thailand in 2013. BSCI appreciates the efforts made by all the different actors engaged in dialogue, especially those undertaken by the Thai government, and hopes that this positive cooperation will continue in the near future.

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