BSCI Annual Conference 2011: Participants unite towards better working conditions


Yesterday the BSCI Annual Conference gathered over 200 BSCI participants and stakeholders from across the world under the theme 'Unite. Share. Progress'. This year has truly been a time of progress for BSCI; having restructured itself under the Foreign Trade Association (FTA). The conference followed the FTA General Assembly on 5 October which discussed FTA activities including the 2012 Action Plan and the financial outlook. Sally Uren, Deputy Chief Executive of Forum for the Future gave participants a glimpse of how our world could look in 2020 and how businesses could influence these scenarios. Her presentation put our daily lives and business operations into the bigger picture, showing that the way we currently live is not sustainable and there is a great need for a new business model. Through collaborating we are able to create synergies in order to achieve sustainable progress. BSCI unites its participants towards a common goal; to improve working conditions in supply chains, and through this platform we can be part of the driver towards change. Breakout sessions brought a new dynamic to the BSCI conference giving participants an opportunity to join specific themed discussions such as eliminating child labour; reducing excessive overtime; building synergies; implementing BSCI; and communicating social commitments. Expert speakers, including BSCI Participants and external professionals shared their opinions and gave the floor to the audience to hear their views. As the conference ends and BSCI participants return to their normal activities, we hope that the discussions they were involved in will be helpful in their daily work.  

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