The BSCI Annual Report 2009 is out!

Catalysing Positive Solutions for Workers and Businesses is our daily mission and the title of our new report. The 2009 report summarizes the BSCI activities, projects and achievements to improve the working conditions in the supply chain of so-called risk countries. The Annual Report reveals the impact of the initiative in 2009, focusing on the BSCI achievements in term of system, auditing, capacity building, stakeholder relations. This year, we published two versions of the annual report: a short straight-to-point version and a full, comprehensive version. Both versions are available online: You will receive a free copy of the printed short version. In addition, you can order more copies of the report to distribute to colleagues inside your company, to your suppliers and to other interested people. Please use the following order form: and send back to the BSCI Executive Office. We value your feedback, so do not hesitate to send us your remarks

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