BSCI Auditing Company Acceptance Criteria Update


As a business-driven association, FTA is committed to optimising the quality and integrity of all services delivered by the organisation, including the BSCI’s Audit Programme.

In this context, FTA is making significant improvements to the well-established Audit Integrity Programme (AIP) in order to meet the needs of BSCI participants and to ensure as efficiently and effectively as possible that the highest quality and integrity of BSCI audits are maintained globally.

Currently, BSCI is in the final stages of reviewing the programme with stakeholders and partners with the aim to launch it in January 2018.

The Audit Integrity Programme will include:

  1. Auditing Company Acceptance Criteria
  2. Auditor Qualification Programme
  3. Audit Quality Programme

Update on BSCI Auditing Company Acceptance Criteria

Included in the new integrity programme will be an annual, formal, internal review of BSCI auditing capacity requirements, including specific geographic and industry needs. Should there be a need for adjusting capacity, new auditing companies will then be eligible to apply to join the BSCI auditing pool through the new auditing company acceptance process. 

Any capacity adjustments will be communicated in the third quarter each year; the first assessment will be made public end of September 2017. However, please note that as of June 2017, initial reviews indicate that BSCI does not envisage the need for additional capacity for the next two to three years.

In addition, BSCI may, on a case-by-case basis, communicate the need for additional capacity to cover specific geographies and / or industries, which cannot be met by the currently available partners. In such case, applications will be open through the auditing company acceptance process.

Furthermore, BSCI might on occasion further adjust the auditing pool in line with specific partnership arrangements, Memoranda of Understanding, or other collaborative agreements.

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