BSCI celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary: Ready for the next decade


On 26 June 2013, BSCI gathered more than 200 participants, coming from public and private sectors, to celebrate 10 years since its founding. During this event, BSCI reflected on the key milestones over the years, while its achievements and future challenges were highlighted in a study presented by the University of St. Gallen. BSCI participants and stakeholders were also given the floor to give their input and share success stories over the years. The 'Achievement Study' draws on the substantial progress made; including the expansion of the common Code of Conduct, as well as the 20,000+ audits undertaken which has helped companies to save auditing fees by sharing the audit results. St. Gallen reported that BSCI's system had led to a saving of an estimated $65 million in auditing alone. The report also highlighted the challenges that lie ahead for BSCI and its participating companies, such as the increased need for collaboration among all stakeholders, amplified focus on training as well as the ongoing need to reach out to producers beyond tier 1 of the supply chain.

During the conference, an example of successful collaboration between actors of the supply chain of a BSCI participant was presented. COOP Switzerland as the buyer, together with its importer, Remei and producer, bioRe India all presented how they work together to have a fruitful relationship towards ethical products of COOP's Naturaline line. During the conference, discussions focussed on the importance of a meaningful and collaborative approach across the supply chain for a sustainable relationship and therefore sustainable product. We are ready and look forward to the challenges of the next decade together with our participating companies. We invite interested parties to join our efforts and work together towards better workplaces around the world.

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