BSCI Echo Online: Highlights From BSCI Annual Conference 2014


We invite you to take a look back at the outcomes of the recently-held BSCI Annual Conference (12 - 13 November 2014, Brussels) in this special edition of our BSCI Echo / Winter 2014. At this conference we welcomed over 300 attendees to hear expert speakers discuss ways to improve labour conditions in farms and factories worldwide. Our keynote speaker, Prof. John Ruggie, presented nine ways to go beyond auditing. Meanwhile, breakout sessions gave smaller groups the chance to reflect on ways to share responsibility in each key topic. Please also take a moment to visit our conference website: where you can find videos, photos and session summaries on topics such as grievance mechanisms, transparency in the supply chain and tackling bribery and corruption.

To read this edition of the Echo, please click here.

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