BSCI Echo Summer 2015: Focus on Worker Health and Safety


The Summer 2015 issue of the BSCI Echo is now online. In this issue, you can read our top story on the Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) of workers in sourcing countries, through our top story, “Worker Health and Safety: An Insurmountable Challenge?” Although OHS is only one of 13 performance areas assessed by participating companies through BSCI monitoring, it is also a complex and broad-ranging one. To highlight the significant challenge for companies in generating improvements in this area, our interview with a BSCI participant shares their experience of improving worker OHS - particularly in China and Bangladesh.

It also underlines the main underlying causes of these issues, pinpointing a lack of management systems and issues with local enforcement of labour health and safety regulations. The interview also shares some solutions to these challenges, and in particular underlines capacity building and workers’ committees as key to moving towards greater health and safety in the workplace.

A new section on “Sustainability in the News” highlights the current trend in European countries towards greater legislation in CSR. In other updates, we share some recent activities of BSCI to engage with stakeholders in areas such as the living wage. Collaboration is a fundamental ingredient to generating lasting improvements to labour conditions in global supply chains – with that in mind, please save the date for our forthcoming BSCI Annual Conference 2015 which opens for stakeholders on 26 November 2015 in Brussels, under the theme of “The Power of Collaboration”.

We hope you will enjoy reading the BSCI Echo – click here to download it.

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