BSCI expands its food and primary production training activities


BSCI increasingly attracts retail and importing companies of food and primary production wishing to increase transparency and improve working conditions in their supply chain. Alongside the monitoring system for producers of food and primary production, BSCI is expanding its training activities for the suppliers of these members. BSCI training sessions related to food and primary production have previously been held in Costa Rica, South Africa, Brazil, China, Morocco and Kenya. In 2011, they are set to further reach out to suppliers in Chile, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Peru. Not only the location of food activities has increased but BSCI is working to increase the relevance of its training sessions for particular suppliers. The focus of the training sessions is now adapted to support suppliers working in the wine industry (Chile) and aquaculture industry (Vietnam, India and Thailand). BSCI training activities focus on supporting suppliers to set up their own Internal Social Management System; these training sessions will begin in Peru from July. Please consult the capacity building calendar for more information on upcoming events.

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