BSCI Food Conference, “Implementing BSCI in the food sector” receives positive feedback


BSCI's food conference: "Implementing BSCI in the food sector: achieving credible and consistent growth" was held on 16 June 2011. The conference gathered more than 30 participants representing BSCI members and external consultants working in the food sector. It aimed to develop guidelines towards achieving credible and consistent growth of BSCI in the food sector. The morning's session included presentations on major social and environmental challenges along with the opportunities faced in different sectors such as the meat industry, the fish industry, the wine industry and the fruits and vegetables. While the session in the afternoon allowed participants to brainstorm and provide guidelines to the BSCI Executive Office on how the system can keep growing in a sustainable manner given the specific needs in different sector. Positive feedback was received from participants who praised the conference’s knowledgeable presenters, its constructive and open dialogue, along with the effective learning outcomes that resulted from the day. Please find below some pictures from the event . BSCI participating companies can also view the presentations (secured access only).   

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