BSCI holds Round Table on Social Dialogue in Bangladesh


As part of its ongoing efforts to support lasting improvements to labour conditions for workers in the textile and garment sector in Bangladesh, on 21 October BSCI welcomed in Dhaka stakeholders including the government of Bangladesh, business associations, trade unions, factory owners, NGOs and the media at its recent Round Table on "Social Dialogue Leverages Corporate Social Responsibility". A hot topic was strengthening the reputation of Bangladesh as a reliable trading market. Presenters stressed the role of the government towards a better infrastructure and energy supply and stronger law enforcement.

Emphasis was also placed on the need for factory owners to place greater value on human capital, and invest in vocational training in these areas. NGO representatives raised the question of a reasonable living wage versus a minimum wage. BSCI is an active proponent of better wage practices as stipulated in the BSCI Code of Conduct through the principle of fair remuneration, which takes into consideration not only the quantitative but also the qualitative aspect of remuneration. Fire and building safety continues to be a hot topic, with the Inspector General from the Ministry of Labor and Employment requesting all stakeholders to collaborate more closely on these issues. All parties agreed to discuss this as well as training and the living wage at a next round table.

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