BSCI joins roundtable on agriculture and food industries in Morocco


BSCI took part in a roundtable meeting, gathering representatives from the agriculture sector, government officials, trade union representatives and delegates from BSCI on 21 November 2013 in Agadir, Morocco. Their aim was to discuss social compliance in the agricultural sector, as well as a variety of ways to improve worker-management dialogue. This aims at a longer-term cooperation between BSCI and its Moroccan partners in the agriculture sector to implement trainings and exchanges on worker-management dialogue and improvement of industrial relations. Given that Morocco is an important EU trading partner for agriculture, good governance of labour relations and a commitment to sustainable development are of increasing importance for successful business practices in this sector. Previous roundtables initiated in Morocco by BSCI identified, among others, the need for improved relationships between workers' representation bodies and employers in order to drive greater compliance with the BSCI Code of Conduct.

The roundtable fulfilled several purposes: To assemble actors with a stake in the social compliance of the Moroccan agro-food sector, to present the standards and objectives of BSCI, to identify potential project partners interested in cooperating with BSCI to improve working conditions and to drive greater compliance with the BSCI Code of Conduct. Finally, it aimed to identify future perspectives for social dialogue within the agricultural sector. The roundtable generated strong interaction between business representatives, trade union representatives, the Moroccan Labour Inspectorate and industry representatives as well as employers' associations and provided a good basis to prioritise future action in the field of social compliance. A medium-term action plan focusing on the improvement of social dialogue will be developed in cooperation with potential partner organisations such as the CGEM (a federation of Moroccan businesses) and AGEF (a Moroccan association for the promotion of better Human Resources management) and others.

Contact David Weiss, Stakeholder Relations.

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