BSCI Launches the Sustainable Wine Programme


In response to the need for a unified approach to integrating sustainability in the wine production industry, the Business Social Compliance Initiative is pleased to launch the Sustainable Wine Programme. This initiative aims to promote socially responsible and environmentally sustainable business practices in wine production, at all levels of the supply chain.

The Sustainable Wine Programme will provide companies and associations with a unified approach to auditing, tailored workshops and high-impact stakeholder dialogue on key sustainability issues in the wine industry. The end goal is to create a coordinated approach for key players to actively tackle and improve labour and environmental conditions in wine production.

Key Focus Areas:

Key Business Benefits:

  • Increase transparency and traceability of sustainability issues in wine production
  • Implement a system which is fully aligned with the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights
  • Benefit from a common risk assessment specific for the wine industry
  • Take a unified approach to tackling critical labour findings, including in-depth investigations and remediation measures
  • Participate in tailored workshops specific for tackling common sustainability challenges in wine production
  • Avoid duplication of audits thanks to BSCI’s shared database
  • Increase brand positioning as a leader in sustainable wine production

As a pilot, this programme will start in 2016 and will run until 2018. Participation is free of charge for BSCI participants and is also open to non members. All wine retailers, associations and leading wine companies striving to position themselves as sustainability leaders in the marketplace are invited to join this leading programme. Download the programme flyer here.

To learn more about this programme, visit the programme page and listen to the Sustainable Wine Programme webinar and Q&A session.

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