BSCI Members' Assembly receives positive feedback


On 23 -24 November the BSCI hosted its 2010 Members Assembly. The event gathered over 200 members of its 600+ network, they came various backgrounds; from clothing to electronics, from SMEs to large corporations and from countries all over the world. The BSCI executive office greeted its members in Brussels.   The first day saw Belgian ILO Director, Rudi Delarue present his keynote speech describing the ILO’s position and its recommendation on social compliance in the global supply chain. This was followed by a panel discussion conducted by international personalities in the CSR industry who lead current and engaging discussions on the role of CSR in China. Topics included: Sustainability reporting in China and Europe; Corporate responsibility vs. state’s responsibility: Complimentary or competitive? and CSR and Sustainable Development in China.   The second day focused on BSCI activities, including a 2010 review, the 2011 Action Plan, the 2011 budget, and member’s updates on activities from the various Committees and National Contact Groups. The meeting also gave the opportunity for the BSCI to clarify questions raised by its members following the presentations.   Members gave positive feedback on the BSCI’s two-day event, with particular interest given to the topic of discussions and expert speakers. The event also gave members the opportunity to network and share knowledge, which is an increasing interest of the BSCI as the network continues to grow. The launch of the new website drew particular attention for its new interactive capabilities, which allow members to share resources and opinions. Through our efforts to empower our members we aim to keep the BSCI the most advanced and informative network for companies working to improve working conditions in the global supply chain.      

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