BSCI Participants Invited to Join Bangladesh Compensation Scheme


An International Rana Plaza Donors' Trust Fund has been set up by the International Labour Organization (ILO) to compensate individuals and families affected by the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh last year (see Joint Statement of 24 January, 2014). This fund aims to use ILO conventions and standards agreed by a broad range of stakeholders and international agencies to provide coverage of victims' income replacement needs and medical costs. At present, raising sufficient funds to match victims' claims presents a huge challenge in supporting affected individuals, their families and the families of the deceased to recover and move forward in the wake of the incident. With this in mind, BSCI participants sourcing from Bangladesh are invited to contribute their voluntary donations to this important scheme. 

Contributions to the fund will be used exclusively to compensate Rana Plaza victims and their families. The fund is open to any company, organisation or individual that would like to make a voluntary donation, and disbursement will be strictly monitored. Should you wish to contribute to the Rana Plaza Arrangement Fund or find out further details, please visit: 

For further information, please contact Lorenz Berzau, Managing Director.

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