BSCI participating companies work to tackle labour issues in Bangladesh factories


In March 2012, several BSCI participating companies were contacted by an NGO following serious protests at their supplying factories, Rosita Knitwear and Megatex Knitters. The factories, based in Bangladesh, were accused of forced labour, excessive overtime, unfair dismissal, among other allegations. Since March, the BSCI Secretariat, together with its Bangladesh Country Representative and the companies involved, have followed the situation closely and worked with the factory owner to resolve the issues. The factory management launched an investigation with fair labour consultants, Verité. The outcome of this investigation confirmed some of the initial concerns and resulted in a corrective action plan. This corrective action plan has been deployed to specific actions that currently are being implemented under the supervision of Verité and with the oversight of the BSCI Participants and the BSCI Secretariat. The management of both factories is keen to resolve the current situation and is in close contact with BSCI Participants and the NGO, informing them on the progress. When labour violations are detected in supplying factories, BSCI participating companies work together, involving the concerned factory, auditors and consultants in order to raise awareness, provide guidance, and build knowledge of these issues and how to tackle them. Through BSCI’s development-oriented approach, BSCI participating companies are working towards improved working conditions in their global supply chains.

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