BSCI publishes an 'Achievement Study' conducted by the University of St. Gallen


BSCI's 10 Year Anniversary conference, held last week, saw the publishing of the BSCI 'Achievement Study', undertaken by the University of St. Gallen's Chair of Logistics Management in Switzerland. The 'Achievement Study' aims to look back on the benefits BSCI has brought to businesses towards improving working conditions in global supply chains, as well as look ahead to the challenges ahead for the next decade. The report points to the establishment and expansion of a common Code of Conduct (CoC) based on the International Labour Organization (ILO) Core Conventions.

BSCI has undertaken more than 20,000 audits which helped mainly producers to save auditing fees by sharing those audit results and professionalising the social compliance management of complex international supply chains. The 'Achievement Study' will give BSCI and its participating companies insight into the challenges that rest ahead, particularly with regard to global trade as it becomes increasingly complex and calls for more transparency. These factors will influence the next decade and will drive new ways to address these challenges. Companies participating in BSCI will continue with their efforts, while BSCI also relies on the work and dedication of governments, business associations, trade unions, NGOs and other stakeholders in Europe and sourcing countries. BSCI looks forward to tackling the challenges of the next decade with you. 

Read the full 'Achievement Study' by the University of St. Gallen.

Go to the 10 Year Anniversary website.

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