BSCI publishes its 2010 annual report: “Tackling the challenges of responsible sourcing“


BSCI published today its 2010 annual report, “Tackling the challenges of responsible sourcing“. The report shows that improvements to labour conditions in the production countries have been achieved thanks to the ongoing engagement of BSCI´s 644 companies. With a membership growth of almost 50% compared to the year before, BSCI is the leading global initiative that provides a comprehensive system for companies to improve working conditions in their supply chain. This year particularly brought improvements in the agricultural sector growing fruits, vegetables and cut flowers. In total, more than 20.000 audits of factories and farms have been made until now. The number of suppliers fully complying with the requirements of the BSCI is consistently rising, which continually and proves demonstrates the positive effect of the continuous training and awareness measures developed by the initiative. We welcome you to read the press release: “BSCI´s annual report 2010 shows improvement in working conditions worldwide”. BSCI annual report 2010: “Tackling the challenges of responsible sourcing“ Comments and feedback related to the report are welcome at

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