BSCI Publishes Position Paper on Prison Labour in China


To support participants in their drive for gold standard working conditions in sourcing countries, BSCI has published a position paper addressing prison labour in the Chinese penal system. In this system, prisoners are often forced to work in conditions that are non-compliant to international labour and human rights standards. The labour reform system in China has meanwhile become an essential part of China’s GNP and the Chinese government allows commercial parties to outsource to prison labour, including orders from overseas buyers. This does not comply with the BSCI Code of Conduct, particularly with regard to the principle of fair remuneration. As a result, the position paper emphasises that BSCI participants should take steps to ensure that their producers do not use prison labour. This may change at a later date, should the legislation in China enact measures to protect prison workers at the same level as labourers working outside the prison system with regard to decent working conditions. Please click here to download the complete position paper. Contact: Sabine Van Depoele, Stakeholder Relations Manager

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