BSCI regrets the closure of Rosita factory, Bangladesh


On 29 November 2012, BSCI and its Participants have been informed by South Ocean, an important knitwear manufacturer, of its decision to close two of its factories in Bangladesh, Rosita and Megatex that very day without any forewarning. BSCI regrets the abrupt closure of the factory, particularly as this incident follows many months of close collaboration to improve working conditions. Following a report by the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights in March 2012, that had highlighted the heavy labour non compliances, confirmed by the fair labour consultant Verité in April 2012. A list of corrective measures had been implemented in the past months under the supervision of Verité, BSCI Participants alongside the BSCI Secretariat. While regularly following up with the factory, the situation had subsided for several months. BSCI and its Participants are surprised by the sudden decision of South Ocean and call the owner to respect the legal obligations towards the workers.

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