BSCI saddened by the collapse of Rana Plaza in Savar, Bangladesh


BSCI has been informed about the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza, along with five-named factories located in the same building on Wednesday 24 April, killing and injuring many people. The factories are New Waves Bottoms Limited, New Waves Style, Phantom Apparel Ltd, Phantom Tack Ltd and Ethar Textile Ltd. According to the BSCI platform, two of these factories, New Waves Style and Phantom Apparels, have been audited against the BSCI Code of Conduct. We are currently investigating among our participating companies if any of them has current commercial relations. The reasons for the collapse of the factories seem to be related to the poor infrastructure of the Rana Plaza building. BSCI focuses on monitoring and improving labour issues within factories and relies on local authorities to ensure the construction and infrastructure is secure. This tragic incident comes after several recent fire-related tragedies in Bangladesh.

It underlines the difficulty that Bangladesh faces to ensure the necessary conditions to secure industrial buildings. This comes alongside the growing demand from international buyers to source from Bangladesh, adding to the urgency to take action. Comprehensive local laws on the security of buildings exist but are not properly implemented. We will continue to urge the Bangladesh government and other stakeholders to implement the National Occupational Health Safety and Safety Policy which was adopted on 24 March 2013. This National Action Plan foresees a series of measures to upgrade the industrial infrastructures of the country. BSCI stays engaged with all stakeholders in Bangladesh to further monitor and support the implementation of this National Policy. At a time where the severity of the situation is still under investigation, our thoughts go out to the victims and their families. 

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