BSCI, SAI, ETI Joint Statement on the Rana Plaza Compensation Arrangement


BSCI, SAI and ETI jointly congratulate the ILO on its successful work as chair to create a pioneering framework and agreed approach to address the issue of compensation for those that suffered in the catastrophic collapse of Rana Plaza. We commend this effort, in which a multi-stakeholder Coordination Committee has brokered an approach for providing compensation for the victims, both injured workers and volunteers, as well as dependents of the deceased, in the recent disaster. We feel deep sorrow for the intense suffering of these Rana Plaza victims and we are encouraged by this progress. As initiatives with a deep interest in protecting the rights of workers, we further commend the ILO for advancing a multi-stakeholder solution that balances the vision of unions, corporations, human rights advocates, government bodies and industry associations. We applaud the unprecedented leadership of those supporting this effort to ensure consistent, transparent and just compensation and urge all involved to roll out agreed compensation as early as possible.  

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