BSCI Stakeholder Council Welcomes Three New Members


Stakeholders' engagement is one of the three fundamental pillars of the BSCI approach towards improved working conditions in the global supply chain. In order to bring more diverse and inclusive voices into the initiative, BSCI has decided to reinforce its Stakeholder Council with the appointment of three new members.

Simone De Colle, Professor of Business Ethics & Strategy at IESEG School of Management in Paris, will join the BSCI Stakeholder Council as of September 2014. He has been involved in the development of codes of ethics and CSR management standards for over a decade as well as on a European research project comparing different CSR standards in European countries.

Anthony Miller, Focal Point for Corporate Social Responsibility within the Investment and Enterprise Division of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), is a specialist on CSR and responsible investment, with particular emphasis on how these issues impact developing countries. Prior to joining UNCTAD, Dr. Miller was a consultant with the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the High Commission for Human Rights.

Bo Viktor Nylund, Senior Advisor on Corporate Social Responsibility at UNICEF, is a protection and legal practitioner focused on advocacy and engagement with state and non-state actors with a view to driving accountability in the implementation of human rights.

These three new members will join other high-level experts from a variety of organisations represented at the BSCI Stakeholder Council - trade unions, NGO's, representatives of Governments and International Organisations, amongst others-to support the initiative’s decision-making process by sharing their knowledge and advising the BSCI Steering Committee on policy and systemic matters.

Moreover, Daria Cibrario, representing the ECLT Foundation, has been recently appointed by the BSCI Steering Committee as Chair of this Council. By holding this position, Ms Cibrario will also become a member of the BSCI Steering Committee with consultative rights.

To learn more about the role of the BSCI Stakeholder Council, click here.  

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