BSCI strengthens its auditing tools


In 2011, BSCI underwent a process to revise its Self Assessment and audit questionnaires. Feedback was gathered from external stakeholders through an online consultation; this has helped to take into account past experiences in order to make BSCI’s tools effective for collecting accurate information. See the feedback report. Since 1 October 2012, BSCI launched its online audit report which is available exclusively on the BSCI Platform. Some of the changes that have been implemented include implementation of a modular approach so that all methodologies, types of audits, tiers in the supply chain and documents are included in the same form; avoiding duplications and double scoring; and also increased support for auditors with pop up guidelines for each question. The benefits of the new online format result in minimisation of human error; improved user-friendliness; increased time efficiency; and avoidance of false audit reports through a secured online system. Following the online consultations for the BSCI Self Assessments, the revised versions are now available online in the Producer Starter Kit. The Audit Report is restricted to BSCI Participants, producers and auditors with access to the BSCI Platform. For more information about BSCI’s new online audit report, please contact

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