BSCI Supports Improved Working Conditions With Risk Classification List


To support companies and to strengthen efforts to improve working conditions throughout the international supply chain, BSCI has published a revised list of risk countries. The countries' risk classification list is based on governance indicators set by the World Bank which determine the strength of each country's governance in six areas: Voice and accountability; political stability and absence of violence or terrorism; government effectiveness; regulatory quality and respect of law. Each area impacts on the success of BSCI participants in carrying out their business activities in a socially compliant way.

BSCI has classified countries in two different categories: 

  • Risk countries: For participants active in risk countries, BSCI provides supporting activities related to its three pillars of monitoring, empowering and engaging.
  • Low-risk countries: BSCI encourages its participants to exercise their due diligence.

Of particular note in the revised list is the change in status from 'risk' to 'low-risk' of seven countries, including: Chile, Hong Kong, South Korea, Macao, Mauritius, Taiwan and Uruguay.

Please consider the following documents:
- List of countries according to their risk classification
- Briefing paper explaining the classification indicators and the impact for companies

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