BSCI welcomes steps towards implementing the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh


Since the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza building on 24 April, various efforts and initiatives have been taken in order to generate change in Bangladesh with regard to fire and building safety. BSCI believes that sustainable change requires that all parties involved – government, business, trade unions and NGOs – bear a shared responsibility and that the whole sector should be involved. Companies participating in the BSCI are committed towards improving social compliance in their global supply chains, with Bangladesh being among the most important sourcing countries. In addition to their engagement in the BSCI, an increasing number of BSCI participants have signed the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh.

BSCI appreciates the hard work some of these companies have invested in developing, together with representatives from other companies and the labour side, an implementation plan within only 45 days which is presented today. Many key questions are clarified now, whereas some areas will be further refined through working groups. It is positive that a broad range of local Bangladeshi stakeholders will be represented in the Advisory Board of the Accord. This is essential to keep a close link with the initiatives and activities of these stakeholders, namely in the framework of the National Action Plan.

The Accord and its implementation plan are a comprehensive set of measures which are complementary to the activities within the BSCI framework focusing on working conditions in the factories. In addition to the implementation of the Accord, the activities agreed in the National Action Plan and the agreement of the Bangladeshi government with the ILO, specifically to increase the inspection resources in the country remain essential steps to enhance the fire and building safety at factory level where needed. Read more about the details of the Accord implementation on the IndustriAll website.  

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