Building Up Coop’s Environmental Performance


Swiss member, Coop, a large retail and wholesale business, is representative of a small group of companies who have pioneered the amfori BEPI system from the beginning stages to its scale-up - to continuously improve environmental performance in their supply chain.

Following the initial pilot programme and official launch of the amfori BEPI system, several supply chain partners of Coop completed the amfori BEPI self-assessment, to capturing comprehensive environmental management information, followed by a amfori BEPI Improvement Phase and amfori BEPI Environmental Assessment.

In addition, the company played a key role in the chemical management audit pilot leading to the roll-out in March of this year of the ZDHC Chemical Management Audit 2.0 in amfori members’ textile and footwear supply chains.

Coop participated in various project groups collaborating with other members to tackle environmental and chemicals related issues, streamlining efforts and resources.

As an engaged amfori member, Coop was selected as one of the finalists to the 2018 Members’ Award under the theme ‘Leadership’.

Read more about how Coop is working towards improving the company’s environmental performance with amfori BEPI.

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