Building Relationships in the Wine Industry


As a recent contributer to Sustainable Wine Programme, the Norwegian Alcohol and Spirits monopoly, Vinmonopolet, collaborated together with amfori to provide training in South Africa.

Fostering the spirit of continuous improvement, Vinmonopolet along with the other members provided expertise on the South African wine industry and how to adapt amfori’s internal auditing course for the industry.

‘’There is a great need for such trainings as these producers will be cascading their due diligence processes from cellar to farm level, where guidance is much needed’’ states Sasha-Monique Elvik, from Vinmonopolet.

She further explains, ‘’Alko and Systembolaget played an integral role in motivating wine producers and wineries to participate in the training. Our aim is not only to decrease audit fatigue, but also to coordinate such initiatives with other wine and spirits suppliers around the world. We want to be able to prepare the wineries and farmers for the journey ahead and to maximise worker participation”

The internal auditing course held in July 2018 provided producers with support in assisting wine growers to implement the amfori BSCI system, familiarising them with the tools, and to build on their understanding of effective management systems and auditing knowledge.

Bringing together complementary skills, amfori delivered its best in class training and social compliance expertise, while the members took the lead in inspiring their industry and providing an in-country network.

Going hand in hand, the training also aimed at improving monitoring and expanding the pool of qualified amfori BSCI auditors in the country. 

In the near future, amfori plans to extend its training offering and technical support in South Africa, to grape growers and wineries, as well as to provide useful documents in local languages.

Vinmonopolet was selected as one of the finalists to the 2018 Members’ Award under the theme ‘Excellence’.

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