China Toy & Juvenile Product Association Recognises amfori BSCI



In early July, amfori signed an agreement with the China Toy and Juvenile Product Association (CTJPA) to support its new Certified Supplier Initiative (CSI). In the agreement amfori BSCI is recognised as one of the leading international schemes of corporate social responsibility. This partnership strengthens the win-win relationship between amfori and CTJPA and further enhances the global awareness and recognition of amfori BSCI, particularly in China’s toy industry.

CTJPA is the only nationwide trade organisation of toys and juvenile and baby products in China. The Certified Supplier Initiative is an interactive B2B platform which aims to connect overseas buyers with producers in China. It helps international buyers to search for top-rated Chinese producers. It also allows Chinese toy, juvenile and baby product producers to showcase their credentials such as their testing reports, certificates and audit results on product safety, quality management, social responsibility and other specified standards.

amfori BSCI is a global leading social compliance scheme. Therefore, a growing number of producers in China conduct amfori BSCI audits.

“Over 70% of the producers and suppliers registered on the amfori BSCI platform are from China and there were around 20,000 amfori BSCI audits done in China alone in 2019,” said Christian Ewert, amfori President. “We are delighted to see the long-term partnership between amfori & China Toy & Juvenile Products Association bear fruits finally. This mutual strategic partnership will not only be one of the solid pillars for nurturing the sustainability of the toy, juvenile and baby products industry, it also facilitates the international buyers to search for top quality Chinese producers more efficiently. I am glad to see amfori’s mission – “trade for purpose” is able to be manifested through this partnership”. 

amfori will conduct verification for CTJPA on the authentication of BSCI reports submitted by their members. The results will be published on its website after verification.

To comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and national legislation of data privacy and protection in China, it is agreed that only certain information from the amfori BSCI audit reports will be published, such as the validity period and overall grade of the BSCI audit report. International buyers will need to contact the producer directly if they wish to gain a more in-depth and holistic understanding of the audit findings. Alternatively, they could also apply for amfori BSCI membership to access the full report.

“We highly appreciate this partnership between amfori and CTJPA,” said May Liang, President of China Toy & Juvenile Products Association. “China Toy & Juvenile Products Association’s mission is to provide effective services to meet the needs of its diverse membership, boost international trade cooperation and promote the sustainable development of the China toy and juvenile products industry. The partnership between amfori and the China Toy & Juvenile Products Association exemplifies how, through collaboration, like-minded organisations and civil service organisations could help to make a difference!”

This collaboration is envisaged to cultivate sustainable and long-term benefits for both organisations. It will encourage businesses to implement sustainable purchasing practices, enhance the reliability and credibility of the CSI platform, mitigate the number of fake amfori BSCI reports in the toy, juvenile and baby products industry in China and connect quality producers in China with international buyers.

For more details of the collaboration and the agreement, please contact