CMR Restriction in Textiles: Demanding Clear Scope and Regulatory Process


FTA has published a position paper on the European Commission proposal to restrict a list of Carcinogens, Mutagens and Reprotoxicants in textiles in direct contact with the skin.

FTA has been critical of the fast-track approach taken by the European Commission, which does not provide sufficient time for supply chains to adapt and phase out restricted substances.

FTA members are committed to bringing only safe products onto the European market. However, any restriction on substances must take into account the complexity of global value chains and allow for a realistic transition period for companies to be able to implement the new regulatory requirements and communicate with their suppliers.

This position paper highlights the need for a realistic implementation in supply chains that:

  • Provides a clear scope of the restriction and does not give room for interpretation;
  • Bases restrictions on a sound scientific basis; and
  • Defines a process that allows sufficient time and legal certainty for global supply chains to adapt.

The European Commission will now publish a revised proposal in May that will be submitted to the REACH Committee for adoption. The text is expected to enter into force during the last quarter of 2017.

Contact: Malik Duhaut, Regulatory Affairs Advisor

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