Collaborating to Enhance amfori's Audit Quality


In January 2021, amfori has signed a memorandum of understanding with HAP, a supply chain technology organisation. HAP is focused on reinventing how audit quality and integrity governance work in a digital world. Through this partnership, amfori will leverage artificial intelligence and big data analytics to deliver ever-better audit verification and identify risks. This new partnership will complement the existing amfori approach to continuously improving audit quality.  

High quality audits at the heart of amfori BSCI

Auditing is key for businesses’ approach to responsible due diligence. When used as a gap-and-risk analysis tool, amfori BSCI audits enable businesses to detect human rights violations along supply chains. They are an important basis for human rights due diligence and should be supplemented with other tools such as capacity building, remediation and stakeholder engagement to improve working conditions at a large scale. As a result, high quality audits are critical to us and our members. We are committed to continuously building new features and perspectives to improve amfori’s audit quality.

Our dual-track audit quality approach

Alongside our internal tools for improving audit quality, we also incorporate the expertise of external partners and stakeholders to supplement our processes.

Internal Tools: improving amfori’s approach to audit quality from the inside-out

To maintain and improve the quality of audit data, amfori focuses on the following:

  • Comprehensive monitoring partner acceptance criteria: in its auditing pool, amfori only accepts auditing companies that meet the highest quality and integrity requirements following a comprehensive selection process.
  • Rigorous employee qualifications: To be allowed to conduct an amfori BSCI audit, an auditor must have the necessary knowledge and skills. Qualifications have to be regularly refreshed through regular trainings and calibration meetings.

External Expertise: expanding our toolbox with trusted partners for ever-better audit quality

The partnership with HAP will complement the current strategic Audit Assurance Programme. Through the AAP, amfori monitors the performance of auditing companies, analyses data trends, identifies recurring issues and works on continuous improvement through quality activities conducted by an external quality partner.

Advancing our approach together

We look forward to working with HAP, other partners and members to drive increased audit quality. This will support our members on their journey to responsible due diligence and continuous improvements in working conditions.

Read more about the AAP here