Coming soon: New FTA Newsletter


We are excited to announce that starting on January 2017 we will launch our bi-monthly new newsletter.

It will incorporate news about our:

  • advocacy work on trade policy & sustainability;
  • operational updates on both BSCI and the Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI); 
  • latest FTA stories at a corporate level;
  • new section dedicated to member highlights; and
  • career opportunities, resources and events.

As a result, we will stop publishing the FTA Circular, the BSCI news, and BEPI news to avoid duplication of content in your inbox. You will still be able to access past issues of both newsletters in our resources section.

In addition, the articles will lead you directly to our website. This change is supported by our improved login system. The new newsletter will also have an improved design and user-experience, making it fresh and easier to browse.

Stay tuned!

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