amfori BSCI Audit Validity Extension - Update


Please note, this article has been updated since its original publication (on 17 March) to extend the audit validity. 

Following the continuing spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), amfori has decided to extend by three months the validity dates of amfori BSCI audits, provided that the auditing company cannot conduct the audit in time. This decision does not apply to amfori BEPI assessments, where there is no RSP holder.

As a reminder, in the event that:

  • A full amfori BSCI audit is approaching its expiry date and a follow-up audit needs to be requested, or
  • An audit cycle is approaching its expiry date,

The following steps should be taken by the RSP holder to ensure an extension:

  • Contact the auditing company to confirm whether the audit can be scheduled or not. If the auditing company confirms the audit cannot be conducted, and the audit comes to expiration, the audit expiry date can be extended by three months. The extension will not be visible on the amfori BSCI platform but will be mentioned in the audit report.
  • In order to keep the RSP, the member can therefore request an audit for a future date. It is highly recommended to contact the producer and auditing company for more information and agree on the future time windows. You can make use of the field “instructions for auditor” under the Auditor Information section in the audit request screen to further communicate with the auditing company.

Please check our FAQs (EN, CN) for more information and view our webinar from 31 March. During this session, we examined how businesses can source sustainably during this global public health crisis and how best to deal with disruptions in supply chains.

Audit Validity
Although auditing companies are returning to near normal operational levels, amfori understands that some producers are still recovering and are not prepared for an audit. As such, the current three month extension may now be requested by members provided they have: 
  • A completed Self-Assessment audit from the producer showing their operational levels are too low for an audit (note: the level at which a factory is operational is for the amfori member to define)

We have cancelled face to face training sessions in a number of regions worldwide, more details are available on the amfori Academy. During this time, we encourage members and producers to enrol in our e-learning courses.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Following the latest instructions from the Belgium government, amfori staff are currently working remotely. We prepared for this possibility and any disruption should be minimal.

To make it easier for our members to stay up to date, we have gathered all the information, resources and recommendations amfori has communicated about COVID-19 onto one page.

Access the COVID-19 Updates Portal

This article was originally published on 17 March 2020.