COVID-19 amfori BSCI Audit Extension Continued



As COVID-19 continues to challenge the world, amfori has decided to prolong the three month amfori BSCI audit extension until further notice.

Following an assessment of 2020 operations and member feedback, the amfori BSCI audit cycle may be extended for a period up to three months, providing that:

  • The producer is unable to host an audit due to the impact of COVID-19, i.e. due to government imposed lockdown, etc


If you would like to request the three-month extension, please take into account the following points:

  1. The audit should be requested by the RSP per the audit request button. The RSP can make use of the field “instructions for auditor” under the Auditor Information section in the audit request screen to further communicate with the auditing company. On the sustainability platform, the RSP should inform the Auditing Company directly via
  2. The extension period remains as three months following the expiry of the most recent audit
  3. If the three month extension expires, no further extension will be granted. A new, full audit will be required
  4. No exception will be applied, including agricultural audits
  5. To ensure that audits that use the 3 month extension are recorded, auditing companies should record the following line at the top of the Executive Summary:

“The audit cycle for [factory name] has been extended using the 3 month extension due to the impact of COVID19”

This update should be understood as a continuation of the previous publication:

If there are any questions, please contact